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Maagia tsirkuse vabas õhus

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Флаер А6 Фокус PREVIEW










Mustkunstnikud ja klounid, tsirkusetrikid, koerad ja kass,tulevad sulle külla! Väga mõistliku hinnaga pilet. Samuti on võimalik tasuda pangakontole. Kestus show 40-50 min. Etendus kogu perele. Parim meelelahutus suvepäevadel


Magicians and clowns, circus tricks, dogs and cats coming to visit you! Very reasonably priced ticket. It is also possible to pay by bank account. The duration of the show 40-50 min. The show for the whole family. The best entertainment of summer

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Looking for the organizers

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We are looking for the organizers of the show in Finland and in Sweden. Our show of 1 hour duration. The program trained dogs and cats, illusion, clowning. Great for the whole family