MIRONOFF SHOW- is the interactive comedy show for circuses, amusement parks, cruises, wedding parties, children’s birthday parties, hotels, street performances, Christmas celebrations and events all over the world Our interactive show includes magic show, clown reprises, show trained dogs and cats, equilibristic on wine glasses , twisting show and bubble show.The show can be a 30-60 minute non-stop or several acts of 5-10 minutes

Magic show consists of the appearance of umbrellas, tricks with rings, coins, handkerchiefs. All the tricks are performed with audience participation.






Equilibristics wine glasses on, it is also that of rola-bola, but all the tricks performed on glass-bottle and wine glasses is very impressive. See for yourself








Light show is an alternative to the fiery show, but quite safe for performers and flat. This show is always good to take on youth parties and clubs.








Bubble show, great fun for the children’s holiday, but also always very good for the wedding party.







All kids love animals. We bring you the show with our small artists, dogs and cats








Scientific Informative-entertaining children’s interactive chemical show in which we carry out together with the audience the most exciting experiences and fascinating experiments from the world of science!



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