Mironoff show- is duo of circus artists Catherine and Alexander Mironov. The group was founded in 2000 and has worked in the genre of clowning and comic illusion in circuses and at various events in Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and also around the world.

2001-2003 year and participate in the international circus program called INTERCIRCUS.

2003-2004 year and work at events in Moscow.
In 2005 the work of the Egyptian Company for organizing events “Party fun”

2006-2010 participation in various circus and vaudeville shows around the world (Finland, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Germany)
During its existence, the team has participated in many festivals. In 2010, the clown Alexander Mironov received the prize for best actor at the Moscow Festival of Clowns in Sokolniki.

2011-2012 year of work in the Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

2013, participated in the Estonian Circus tour under the direction of Laurie Vikna.

2014-worked in the Lithuanian circus “VIP-Circus”

2017- Circus Tähti

2018- Circus Tähti

This is just a brief summary of our team. At the moment we are open to any suggestions from circuses, amusement parks, hotels, cruise ships, variety shows in the Baltic States and the European Union. We are also happy to accept an offer from private customers to participate in the wedding party, children’s parties and any other events in Latvia, Estonia, Finland.

To find out more about us please visit “Our show
To order the show go to the “CONTACTS

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