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Answering the question: how do you become a clown, I sometimes often can not immediately answer, in fact it happened. I can not answer even to himself. Now it seems to me that I was born a clown-in make-up and nose. In fact, I was not going to be a clown, as it happens. After finishing drama school I started doing stage and tried so many genres, singing, dabbled in a conversational genre, as an artist, puppeteer. As a result, I created a mini show called “Clowns and Dolls” which spoke to the children’s audience in different cities. Gradually supplanted the clown dolls, and so is completely transparent to himself I became a clown.
Debut as a circus clown in a circus tent held Directorate Rostov. Thus was born a clown duo “Mona and Babai.” Later we toured the circuses in Russia, Ukraine, the countries of the former Soviet Union, with the best private impresario. So far, the circus world, many do not know me as Alexander Mironov, and as a clown Babai.
After a long journey from the stage and back to the circus, I mastered many circus genres such as acrobatics, juggling, illusion and equilibrium, which is very helpful to me in the profession of a clown, as it is believed that this clown has to do everything. All I can and can not do, all at a very high level is not possible, but some exclusive clown tricks I learned, for example, an old clown room equilibre on bottles and glasses. At the moment, no one performs a similar trick.
For a long time I was there as a private actor, that is, did not belong to any circus, but collaborating with many bands and circus troupes not only in Russia but also abroad. At the moment, I call your attention to a completely new program “Mironoff Show.” The name of the program speaks for itself, this is not the world of theater, circus and even, our world is a show! Absolutely new image, a new clown show, is not the same for Solo clown Babai, who is remembered colleagues and administrators circus. New repertoire I work again in a duet, a duet with the charming clown Catherine. In our show, there is some intrigue for the viewer. What I will not say, let it be a surprise. Our clown show is perfect not only for the circus arena, but also for any  event. Well, meet the “Mironoff Show”!

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